EcoClean Carpet Care

Commercial Cleaning Process  

EcoClean uses many different cleaning methods, each specifically tailored to the demands of the job. 

Deep Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning system is a state of the art truck mounted system. This method can be used for many different applications including offices, small apartment buildings, and commercial spaces. This method produces a deep clean which removes virtually all dirt, dust, allergens and stains. It is recommended that carpet cleaning be done on an annual basis when using this method.

Electric Portable Cleaning

We use a state of the art electric portable cleaning system for bigger apartment buildings and spaces which our truck mounted system cannot reach. This method produces the same results as the truck with less water usage and lower emissions. Like the truck mounted cleaning, it is recommenced that cleaning should be done on an annual basis when using this method.

Encapsulated Cleaning

Our encapsulated cleaning system sprays cleaner on the carpet, while pulling up the dirt and dust, leaving crystals on the top of the surface. After drying, a vacuum must be run over the carpet to remove the crystallized dirt. This cleaning method is encouraged as part of a regular cleaning program in larger and heavily used buildings. This method can be done monthly, every three or six months, and ensures the appearance and health of your carpet well into the future.

Tile Cleaning

Our method for tile cleaning includes high pressure, steam cleaning which ensures the removal of built up dirt in lobby areas, outside areas, etc.